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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 6, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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he has to bnice. and he has to have a normal relationship with his mother. >> funny and nice, check that. not sure about the thing, but 29-year-old ben definitely scored sweetness points with his ne year's eve instagram saying some times in life you get extremely lucky and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. we've been working the details on amy's new romance with a man five years younger. >> we heard that amy's sister kim approves of ben which is important since the two girls are really close. we did some digging. and we found out if all vacationed together in seattle. andamy's already making jokes that she's expecting their first child together. commenting,pregnant. i didn't know how else to tell you. >> a few other thing us need to know about ben, the former hockey player, snowboarder used to rock a bow cut. the furniture designer can perform shirtless pull-ups like a beast. he's an aspiring actor.
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his last project was short film called "last train to lond london." >> i looked a my parents. >> everybody will be to see if he comes as her date to the golden globe awards. i don't think he'll be on red carpet, but a pretty good chance he'll show up at the after-parties by her side. >> where does that leave bestie j. lo? what secret would you like to know about a potential dat the answer is pure j. law. >> because it's a gamble. it's alway gamble. you don't know. >> that's why we love her. back to am she tweeted that "inside amy schumer" got picked up for season five. he said, quote, my boyfriend and i got engaged and married and had a baby and he cheated on me with the nanny. >> and thehumor. thank you for tomorrow's lead story. on to conspiracy theory
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over berristol palin's baby. sarah palin contacted "e.t." to give us their side of the story. bristol's baby daddy came out of hiding to file f joint legal and physical custody of little sailor grace. and he's asking for child suppor well, dakota meyer may be war hero but he's in for a rea dogfight with grandma sarah. the form governor of alaska says for many months we have been trying to reach out to dakota meyer and he's wanted nothing to do with either bristol's pregnancy the baby. conspiracy theorists on the web ran wild alleging the palin family covered up sailor's birth to show meyer couldn't be the father. >> the news reporters get their information from twitter, facebook, social media without fact checking quienough. and in this case it was untrue, and it required the palins to come out and correct the record. >> bristol fought back and sent "e.t." these pictures admitted
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the night of 12-22 when they started the iv and then had my baby girl. one day before the pres emotional crackdown on gun violence, bull's-eye bristol posted this. >> nice shot, by the way. >> i'd be careful messing with bristol. >> good shot. look out. moving on to another story sending shock waves out on twitter the other day, micha weatherly announced that he's walking away from the most successful tv series i the world. we're talking about "ncis." it's surprising, yes, but were there signs that he getting restless. >> i lost me years as fans of the show know, tony died five seasons ago. >> that was back in april. but was there hidden meaning behind his comments? >> michael's been on for 13 seasons now. you might just wonder if it's time for him to move
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he's not leaving on bad terms. >> michael's co-star first leaked the info accidentally an online interview with a small uk outlet possibly forcing michael to confirm his fan worst fears later with atweet. the caption les moonves an cbs gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. >> the truth of michael's exit has been in the works for some time. it is just not known when tony will get his head s for the last time. >> will he come with the send-off? michael tweeted this today. mom asked if was going to leave with viva. >> now, that would be every fan's dream. to see them ride off into the sunset together. >> that's how the fans would like to see things wrap up. but the director and cbs trying to figure out how to handle this creatively. let me tell you something, ncis
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fans are die hard. almost 19 million people tuned into last night's episode making it the number one show of the night. a lot at stake. and a lot at stake at sunday's golden globes, especially with sylvester stallone who a sentimental front-runner to win making "rocky" the come-back kid. a lot of pe are so excited to see you nominated for a golden globe 39 years after your first nomination for the original "rocky." >> i wasn't in t moment. i didn't really understand how hard it is. and so now i'm just savoring it all. >> matt damon brought his wife. he was presented with t best actor award by robert de niro. in his speech he said it was stallone acti in his own "rocky" script that caused him and ben to insi on being in their sc my favorite moment, interviewing
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9-year-old jacob and his co-star brie larson. >> that's right. >> a little uncomfortable there on the carpet, but seeing them on screen together, they're amazing. we'll see brie this sunday. she's nominated for a golden globe. we'll celebrate with all the stars who are soaking up this magical time in their lives. >> their moment has finally arrived. >> i'm definitely going to celebrate. >> and "e.t." is in the moment. >> goodness. >> celebrating a front-row seat. >> wow. >> we celebrate the dreams, the couples, the fashions. >> looks phenomenal. >> and what we overheard at the after-party. all the gossip you can handle. >> twitter's going to explode. >> monday on "e.t." >> wow, do not miss that. we wouldn't be surprised to jennifer lopez at the golden globes on sunday.
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tonight she kicks the final season of "american idol" on fox, but she's not stopping there. tomorrow night is the debut of her new nbc cop drama "shades of blue" and we're with jennifer as she gets ready to never sleep again. >> you're under arrest for attempted bribery of a police officer. >> f darling. nice try. >> lopez is a cop forced informant on screen. behi scenes she's also an executive producer. we spoke to her after a fight scene. >> what happened when jennifer actress is doing something that jennifer the producer doesn't like? >> well, they're a kind of in sync. jennifer the producer and jen if the actor know what it has to be, and that's in sync. >> j. lo's character is a mom, but still the actress chose grit over glam. >> i could have chosen to make her more glossy. but that wouldn't have been right for this. and when you're tuning in to see
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shades and american idol, it should be three different things. >> that's a lot for one person. you're still just one person. >> i'm person, but i can do all three. >> yes, she can, miss jennifer, yes, you can. "idol" will a air tomorrow as will "shades o blue." jennifer will rule the night. >> we talked to angelina jolie about how she got her kids to play in her new movie. >> they're shy andy don't really want to be actors. >> where we found nick jonas and kate hudson together. >> and the event brought all these stars together, next. closed captioning provided by -- ♪
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civilly a local pastor call behaving badly stanley roberts exposes the holy man's dubious the dumping next at 8:00.
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♪ >> that is jane lynch rehearsing the opening number for tonight's people's choice awards. she does a whip and anae-nae. >> you've got me hooked already. kate hudson is teaming up with two-time people's choice winner angelina jolie an "kung fu panda 3." kate's new to thefranchise.
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>> the dumpling squad run will take position here on my signal. >> yep, that's shiloh munching away and notslurping. you'll hear more from them in the movie along with big brother. because when your mom is angelina, take your kids to day has a whole different meaning. >> they were kind of shy. they don't really want to be actors, but i didn't want them to miss opportunity. and they came in and they had lot of fun with it. >> ambebe. >> she's a tough cookie. everything is dancing,dancing, then she turns into this warrior. >> get ready dance with danger. >> kate joins the cast as a love int to jack character. a role she totally got into. ♪ i'm doing the panda leg >> it's awell-played scene according to angelina who herself has three adopted kids with brad. >> i thought it handled it well because it didn't brush o it.
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him trying to understand how to have two da it shows that it's complicated and it's not easy and it's not over in a happy second. >> you know what? a movie with amessage. back to kate, though. remember all of the speculation about her and nick jonas dating? we haven't seen them together in a while until now. here they are hitting up a starbucks in mammothlake, california. we're told that nick picked up the tab for coffee. >> it's astart. >> pick up my latte, we're all good. >> that's takes? good to know. rehearsals of live" with stars rehearsing those incredible songs. ♪ sandra dee >> plus with alyssa milano and diet. she tells us her current weight. >> say ain't so. en contes shoveling a year's worth of sugar. pitting fitness gurus against each other.
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♪ you're the one that i want ♪ you are the one >> you're the one that i want. obviously from the movie "grease." amanda harris joining me rocking it out on the stage. i love that. did you know that that song is not in broadway version of "grease"? >> i'm a broadway baby. of course i new that. for the upcoming "grease live" on fox with a live stud audience, they'll add that song. >> how could they not? >> rehearsals are under way with julianne hough playing sandy. and we got the invite to check
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it out. ♪ good-bye to sandra dee >> she has the pipes and olivia newton john actually gave julie anne her blessing. >> oh, my gosh, couldn't have picked a better sandy. >> he takes on tra iconic danny zuko. ♪ greased lightning ♪ go greased lightning >> i'm going my best to give a little nod to john in what he does but hopefully be able to do it my own, too. >> broadcast will be a combo of the movie and the original musical as bad girl rizzo, vanessa hudgens, is a little worried about doing hours live? >> any fears so far >> falling is always a thing. as a female,think, when you're in heels. that would suck. >> carly rae jepsen is her pink
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lady pal. and he doesn't have a lot of dance experience. >> i have a strong partner and a very big dress. it will hide i'm doing. >> show is so big it spread over two sound stages. and there's been no time for julianne to plan her wedding. >> come on now, brooks is lucky to have you. remember frankie avalon as a teen angel. he s "beauty school dropout." it will take three people to fill frankie's shoes. boyz ii men will fill the role. >> listen to what they just sent out. ♪ grease is the word is word is the word ♪ >> they certainly have the voices of angels. i'm really, really loving this. there are big changes for former "who's the boss" star alyssa milano. she's dropped a lot of weight since having thatbaby. that new short do of hers could
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not be cuter. >> easier to manage harder? >> easier for sure. the messi is, the better. so basically too s it i just bleep. >> another big change her weight loss since giving birth 16 months ago. remember this promise? >> i just teamed up atkins to try to lose this last ten pounds. >> well, she's done it. from 172 pounds to her so-called happy weight with atkins, 126. >> my energy level. i feel so much better than i before. that feeling when you're dieting where your stomach's growling. you're hangry. >> moody. >> yes, there's none of th because you're actually getting fats and protein which is so great. >> we love following you on instagram. the beautiful pictures, especially breast feeding. ha helped lose the weight at all? >> no, that's a >> what is the best part of motherhood?
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>> every aspect of it is i looked at milo's feet the other day. they have two toes that cross each other. and i was looking at my husband's feet, those are where those toes camefrom. alyssa grew up before our eyes on the boss" and with relaujs of "full house" and "boy meets world" we had to ask. will you ever a relaunch? where do you see it going? >> would have to be a grandfather to my kids. he's the bossiest. >> oh, how i would love to see that. but back to the weight alyssa said she's also spinning every day and do pilates and taking dance class. >> those are all great ways to lose weight, stay he but what's the best way? we went looking for the answer on the set of the new show "my diet's better than yours." five contestants signed on to lose around 100 poun each. whoever loses the most gets
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$50,000. what makes it interesting is each get to choose their own diet plan and trainers. >> there's so many and diets and things for people to follow, but this show puts it to the ultimate test. >> the name of my plan is the wild diet and all about falling back in love with real food. >> i'm the anti-diet person. i don't bel diets. >> with superfood swap diet, you want eat what you crave but you make it with superfoods. >> th premise of my diet is better than yours is to find out which plan is working best. >> if a contestant is falling behind, they can fire their trainer and try a different diet, but to get a chance at the they have to complete one brutal challenge. >> to earn a spot the final weigh-in, you will have to complete a half marathon. >> a half marathon. no fooling aroun this show.
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in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which walking star host fe a video? >> the answer is next. a teacher's aide under arrest after a shocking school confrontation, on camera. we have an exclusive interview with the child's grandmother. then tell me new field storms slammed the bay area bringing down trees causing flooding power outages when the next powerful storm will come ashore
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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welcome back to the everyone. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "walking dead" star was featured in a lady gaga music video. norman reedus. >> happy birthday, norman. before we go, linda perry's song is getti a lot of oscar >> and linda and sarah gilbert had a star-studded party to celebrate. >> how did the guest list come together? >> listen, man, somebody tells me they're putting together a party, i'm going to put together a party. >> i included jessica and ashlee simpson. >> christina aguilera was there. performed a killer cover of john lennon song. >> t listen. ♪
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a teacher >> pam: zeid arrested after the violent confrontation causing funds often the only on for grandmother reacts to see her grandson's objected to what police are calling felony child abuse. el nino pummelling the bay area from the south datacenter rosa recovering the stars as the key coming. police in fairfield wrestle men caught on video of using a pug dog and then california families out rage after psa agent aggressively passed down their 10 year-old daughter for nearly two minutes you're our first prime time news


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